A downloadable game for Windows

What is this?

  • A Point&Click game created in 48 hours for "Jam Like You Mean it!" 

    A Family breaks after a member decides to leave. How will the remaining members move on?

Who created it?

  • Edgar J. - Programming
  • Bruna Silva - Art

Any extra info?

  • Press 'R' to try again
  • Might want to raise your speakers volume (overall audio is low)


Family Portrait.zip 120 MB


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Awesome game ! I hoped the mother would return...but nope. These things unfortunately happen more often that one might think.

Here is my gameplay:

Happy you liked it! :) Unfortunately, these things do happen (this was about me trying to transmit a personal experience about the relationship between a parent and their son/daughter, once one of the parents leave). Just wished we had more time during the jam to properly playtest it, cause the balance is completely off. Anyway, really glad you enjoyed it :)